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                         Breeding Stock Sales


All breeding stock are selected using a combination of visual conformation and GenOvis evaluation. To read about how we make breeding stock selections, click here



We select the top 10% in each breeding group. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall- we have new lambing groups to select from!

Contact Us For 2023 Pricing

Ram Lambs (3-11 months)



Yearlings Rams (12+ months)

Semen testing available at the request and cost of the buyer ($75/test. Optimal time for testing is during the natural fall breeding season. Not recommended for pre-pubertal ram lambs; should be at least 6 months of age.)

Mature Rams 

Various ages available due to turn over of sires- will be semen tested - Limited availability.

Ewe Lambs: We continue to grow our flock. Ewe lambs UNAVAILABLE IN 2023.

*All sheep are sold unregistered, unless otherwise specified.

Semen Sales: We also have semen straws available, for domestic and international export.

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