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The Rideau Arcott Genetics & Our Flock

Whispering Cedars Ranch had the opportunity to buy a well-established Rideau Arcott flock. We have 9 years of records using EweBytes, 7 years with FarmWorks and each ewe is a Registered Purebred with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC).


Our ewes are bred for accelerated lambing (3 lamb crops in 2 years). We aggressively cull ewes with any mothering or breeding issues, which allows us to improve our already superior genetics. Our flock is reported and performance is evaluated with GenOvis.


​Our mature ewes have a lambing average of 280-330% and many of our rams are currently in the top 10% of GenOvis, "Improve maternal qualities (heavier lambs at weaning)" and/or "Improve the number of lambs born per lambing".


​At this time, Whispering Cedars Ranch is planning substantial growth to fulfill our solar grazing contract. Unfortunately, we will not be offering ewe lambs in the 2023 season. We appreciate the interest in our breeding stock and encourage you to reach out to be put on our reservation list.


​Breeding rams are selected based on high Expected Progeny Differences (EPD), and must meet purebred breeding soundness criteria. WCR has the ability to offer an excellent opportunity for producers to buy top producing ram lambs and yearlings from our flock to grow and improve their genetics. WCR now offers semen for purchase from exceptional sires. 

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