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Solar Sheep

Are you looking for more information about solar grazing with sheep?

Rideau Arcott Breed

Are you looking for information about the Rideau Arcott breed? Are you a seasoned producer interested in utilizing the Rideau breed to enhance your maternal traits?

Need Advice?

Are you a new sheep producer looking for advice or mentorship? 


Perhaps you're curious about how we manage our flock including nutrition, reproduction, infrastructure, purebred breeding stock selection, etc.

We're always eager to connect with fellow producers!

Interesting sheep facts you won't Baa-lieve!


Homosexuality occurs in nearly all animal species, but sheep are the only animals besides humans that show a same-sex preference for life. Up to 8% of males prefer other males.


Sheep have incredible peripheral vision (up to 320 degrees) allowing them to see behind themselves – without having to turn their head!


A mature ewe produces 3-4.5 kg of wool per year- enough to make a man’s suit.

Sheep Facts.png


A sheep can produce up to 2 litres of milk per day!


There are approximately 1 million sheep in Canada on about 11,000 farms.


Sheep are surprisingly intelligent, with impressive memory and recognition skills. They build friendships and can remember up to 50 faces!

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